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Home on the Ranch: Nevada

Dual Novel - The Horseman's Secret and The Brother Returns

ISBN: 9780373606566

About This Book

9780373606566Two cowboy brothers must forgive the past to have the future they deserve!


Will Bishop is doing his best to raise his twelve-year-old daughter on his own while protecting her from the truth about the past. That job just got more difficult with the arrival of the beautiful new teacher, Regan Flynn. He hasn’t felt an attraction like this in forever. But any future they might have together would be burdened by the secret he can’t afford to reveal…to anyone.


Ten years ago Brett Bishop made a mistake…and paid the price. Now he’s returned to the ranch he loves. He’s not asking forgiveness, only the chance to see his home again. Too bad Claire Flynn won’t accept his self-imposed distance. He knows he doesn’t deserve to reclaim a place in his family…neither does he deserve the special place she’s carving out for him in her heart.