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Undercover Cook

Book 2 Too Many Cooks?

ISBN: 9781459219823

About This Book

Undercover CookDetective Nick Duncan will do anything to crack his latest case. Even if it means engaging in some less-than-legal undercover work. When his grandfather begins taking cooking classes at a catering company suspected of laundering drug money, it’s almost too easy!

Until Nick meets Eden Tremont—his new cooking instructor and the suspect’s sister. The bubbly blonde is a whiz in the kitchen…and with his old grandfather. And before he even realizes what’s happening, Nick is ambushed by his feelings for the woman. It’s been a long time since he’s cared about anything other than his job. But his reckless deception may cost him more than his case.

RT Book Reviews: 4 stars …Lively characters complete this well-written tale. Nick’s slight flaw — being too consumed with work — only makes him more likable, and Eden’s saucy personality is fun. The money-laundering plot gives the story extra depth.